The Summit II Chargers are:

  • At least 90% efficient – LOWER ENERGY COST for users!
  • Have sealed components with no moving parts
  • Highly selectable and configurable using Bluetooth Technology from your Smart Phone
  • Dependable and maintenance free
  • Programmable for Battery Size (Amp Hours) and Wet, AGM, and Gel profiles

Snazzy Advantages:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Fewer mounting and equipment room concerns
  • One charger does it all
  • Less downtime

Cool Options:

  • Pick your battery type and size
  • Stock one charger for 24, 36 and 48 Volt applications
  • 1050 for auto voltage detection
  • 650 for affordable dedicated 24 Volt applications

MVP Advantages

  • MVP people help you choose
  • MVP expertise gives you the best quality
  • MVP shipping gets them out quick
  • MVP is ALWAYS the best option

Summit II Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: My old charger is rated at 21 amps but the Summit II 1050 is rated at 25 amps.  Will that overcharge my batteries?

A:  NO!  Because the battery charger is in constant communication with the batteries, the charger knows exactly which charge stage the battery is in.  When it detects near full capacity, it will deliver the proper finishing stage.

  1. Q: Can I just plug the charger into the wall and plug it into the machine?  It seems to be charging when I do that.

A:  NO!  The installer must always determine the size and type of the batteries in the machine, Bluetooth connect to the charger, and program the charger.

  1. What is a battery profile?

A:  A battery profile is a set of instructions the charger will follow to properly charge a battery.  The profiles contain information telling the charger the type of battery (wet, AGM, gel), and the size of the battery (the 20A/HR rating).

  1. Q: What do those lights on the charger mean?

A:  They mean lots of things.  These lights indicate charge progress and faults.

  1. Q: What is that external port on the back side of the charger?

A:  The port is used by Lester to load firmware into the charger.  This is not used by the installer or the customer except in certain lockout configurations.

  1. Q: Why doesn’t my charger come with a DC cord and connector?

A:  Because the Summit II chargers are truly universal, they can be used in many different applications.  Please choose the cord you need for your application.

  1. Q: Why did Lester change everything?  I liked my old-style charger.

A:  Lester along with other battery charger manufacturers are required by law to only sell  high efficiency chargers in some states.  Because high efficiency and universal chargers are both good things, Lester has them available to everyone!

  1. Q:  Why does the charger get so warm when it’s charging?  Is that normal?

A:  It is perfectly normal.  Because it uses its body to dissipate the normal heat generated during charging, the fins on the top and sides get warm to the touch.

  1. Q: How do I open the charger to fix stuff inside?

A:  Because the electronics are sealed and the battery charger uses its body as a heatsink, there are no moving or serviceable parts with nothing to “fix” inside.

  1. Q: This is too complicated.  Can MVP program it for me?

A:  Not at this time.  However, please contact your MVP sales rep or our Customer Service Department if you encounter difficulties.