The Summit I has all of the benefits of a top of the line, high-frequency charger, like:

  • Up to 91% efficient – on average, 25% more efficient than SCR and older models! This translates into lower energy wasted in the charging process!
  • “Plug ‘N’ Play” with no additional assembly or programming required
  • Dedicated 24v and 36v chargers, pre-configured with applicable connectors
  • Compact size
  • Highly durable and water proof!


The Summit I is the forerunner to the popular Summit II series.  The main difference being that the Summit I is a “dedicated” charger – meaning it is pre-programmed and ready to go!  So, if you have customers that would love to benefit from much greater charging efficiency, and they don’t need the ability to go from 24 – 48v charging using a single unit, the Summit I is perfect!


Now, through December 31, you can take advantage of these blow-out prices:


Lester # Description Special
2795083WP 24V/25A, 50A RED  $205.00
2795084WP 24V/25A, 175A RED  $205.00
2823003WP 36V/21A, 50A GRAY  $215.00
2823005WB 36V/21A, RING EYE TERMINALS  $215.00
2823004WP 36V/21A, 175A GRAY  $215.00
2823001WP 36V/21A, 2 PIN CROW'S FOOT  $215.00


Jump online or call your MVP Team right away to take advantage of these great charger prices!  Don’t delay – at these prices, they will not last long!